WLTehc is back! Intersec Dubai 2024 is successfully concludes!

The 2024 Middle East Intersec officially concluded on January 18th!

The feast of showcasing and exchanging experiences, which lasted for several days, has come to a perfect conclusion.This exhibition marked a significant milestone for our company, as it represented our return to the Middle East market after a five-year effort. Throughout the event, we showcased our products in the field of security and protection, successfully establishing a stronger brand image and further enhancing the visibility of our company.

Three Highlights of the Exhibition.

1. Specialization

Our company specifically tailored its exhibition to the Middle East market, showcasing four major products in related fields. The exhibited products covered metal splash protection,thermal insulation protection, flame resistant protection and arc flash protection. Emphasizing lightweight protection, we engaged in in-depth technical exchanges with exhibitors from around the world.


One of the key highlights of the exhibition was the introduction of our more stylish protective workwear. Ensuring both practicality and a blend of fashion and aesthetics in design, our showcased apparel attracted the attention of numerous attendees. The meticulous attention to detail garnered widespread acclaim and interest.

3.Comprehensive Range

Among the exhibited products were not only four flagship essential flame-resistant brands but also an entire series of flame-resistant fabrics. With a diverse range of colors and categories, our products perfectly align with local trends and demands.

The successful conclusion of the exhibition not only showcased our company’s innovative strength in the field of safety protection but also laid a solid foundation for our re-entry into the Middle East market after a five-year hiatus.


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