Unveiling the Power of Aluminum-Water Explosion

“Blazing Disaster! Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Aluminum Plant Rocked by Explosive Blast, 2 Dead and 6 Injured!


In recent days, a heart-stopping explosion rattled the Kaohsiung Aluminum Plant in Taiwan, resulting in 2 fatalities and 6 injuries. According to preliminary investigations by relevant authorities, the explosion occurred during casting operations when a malfunction in the control system led to inadequate cooling water, causing aluminum to come into contact with water and triggering the blast!


The phenomenon of aluminum-water explosion in metal processing poses a grave risk of mass casualties. This type of explosion transcends mere physics; it delves into the realm of chemical reactions. When molten aluminum comes into contact with water, the water rapidly reaches temperatures exceeding its boiling point, expanding over a thousandfold, creating immense pressure waves, and igniting an explosion.

Aluminum is an extremely reactive metallic element. Upon reacting with water or oxygen in the air, it releases enormous energy, leading to even more intense chemical explosions!

The daily production hazards in the metallurgical industry often lurk in the most unexpected moments— a momentary lapse, a careless oversight, or a violation could all spell disaster!


Fabric developed specifically for the metal smelting industry

Fabric designed for areas where there is a risk of molten metal splashes in the work zone, featuring inherent flame resistant protective fabric. Molten metal splashes instantly slide off the surface, akin to the lotus leaf effect, with non-adhesive fabric, effectively reducing the risk of burns for operators.

Advantages of Metal Stopper ®:

  • Made from high-performance fiber blends, providing the fabric with inherent flame resistant and antistatic properties.
  • Strong, excellent color fastness, resistant to industrial washing, maintaining good appearance and performance even after repeated washings, maximizing the service life of protective clothing.
  • Smooth and stiff, with excellent moisture absorption and sweat wicking properties, as well as heat insulation.
  • Practical experience has shown that besides resisting aluminum and iron splashes, it also offers excellent protection against high-temperature molten substances such as silicon, zinc, magnesium, and cryolite.



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