The Inherently Flame Resistant Series – ARC STOPPER

ARC STOPPER – Arc Flash Series


01 Ultimate Comfort Experience!

The addition of Lanjing hot protective fibers greatly enhances the comfort of ARC STOPPER, surpassing most blended fabrics in the market. The power industry environment is harsh, and excellent moisture-wicking properties allow workers to experience a more comfortable feel! Comprehensive protection certification!

02 Comprehensive protection certification! 

ARC STOPPER offers a complete range of four protection levels, with fabric thickness ranging from lightweight single-layer (175g) to multi-layer high-protection (500g). However, higher protection levels do not necessarily mean more suitability; it depends on the hazards of the work environment. There is always a model that can provide the most effective and cost-effective protection.Multiple equipment formulas!

03 Various equipment formulas!

WLTech provides head-to-toe protection.

Head: protective hood, face shield, safety helmet, goggles, neck guard, face mask, etc.

Torso: shirts, jackets, bib pants, jumpsuits, windbreakers, aprons, reverse-wearing clothing, etc.

Hands and Feet: five-finger protective gloves, full-finger protective gloves, sleeves, boot covers, safety shoes, etc.


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