Molten Metal Splash Protective Suit

Inherently flame-resistant fabric pioneered specially for protection against molten metal splashes, such as aluminum, iron, cryolite,steel,magnesium and leads. Effectively minimize or prevent skin burns.





Composition                LENZING FR | high performance fiber Level                              D2 / D3 , E3 / E4
Type                              Jacket, pant Heat resistant                B1| C1 | F1
Fabric height               270 | 320 | 365 g/m²± 5%
  • For jacket
    · Two hooded breast pockets
    · One side pocket with flap
    · Velcro fastening at cuffs and hem
  • For pants
    · Two back pockets with flaps
    · Legs are tightened with Velcro to prevent sliding metal
    · Allows for maximum body movement
    · Fastest on and off

– Cleaning garment thoroughly.

– Wash temperature at 60℃max.

– No chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide either separately or in detergents.

– No softeners or starch.

– Dry cleaning with normal cycle.

– Tumble dry temperature at 60℃max.

– Iron temperature at 110℃max.

– Failure to launder properly could adversely affect the performance and arc resistance of the fabric.

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