How dangerous is molten metal? What exactly should a foundry wear?

Aluminum foundries pose significant dangers, and workers require comprehensive and effective protection to avoid serious accidents. One crucial aspect of this protection is the work clothing they wear.

Ordinary flame-retardant cotton or aramid clothing cannot withstand the harm caused by aluminum water splashes, which can cause fabric to stick and result in severe burns. Finding a technical fabric that can endure the spray hazards of molten metal, particularly aluminum, is challenging due to its viscosity, even though it has a relatively low melting point of 700°C. This characteristic makes aluminum stick easily to any fabric, increasing the risk of burns.

Given the low viscosity of aluminum, handling molten aluminum necessitates the use of fabrics that can slide off splashed metal liquid. WLTech has developed a special technical fabric for smelting foundries that can not only prevent molten metal from sticking to clothing but also protect against flame damage, electric arcs, radiant heat, and chemical splashes.

For a lightweight option, the METAL STOPPER® anti-metal splash series from the WLTech protection family offers excellent molten metal (aluminum) protection, with no ignition, droplets, or holes. It has outstanding metal shielding performance and will slide off instantly upon contact with metal liquid, preventing burn-through.

Standard: ASTM F1959 / EN ISO 11612 multiple certifications, can effectively resist hot molten aluminum (up to D3), and effectively resist various hot molten metal liquids (up to E3).

For higher-level protection, the LIFE SAFE® – HS aluminized heat insulation series from the WLTech protection family offers not only excellent molten metal liquid splash protection but also effective resistance against high-temperature hazards caused by thermal radiation. It provides a safer working environment and is made of high-temperature-resistant material that is non-combustible and non-melting when exposed to flames.

Standards: EN ISO 11612 (radiant heat (up to C4), resistance to hot molten aluminum (up to D3), resistance to hot molten iron (up to E3)), REACH & ROHS.

It is important to note that protective clothing alone cannot entirely eliminate the risks associated with working with molten metal in foundries. Other safety measures, such as training, engineering controls, and administrative controls, should also be implemented to ensure a safe working environment.


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