What is molten metal? What exactly should a foundry wear?

What is molten metal? What exactly should a foundry wear?

Aluminum foundries present substantial occupational hazards, demanding comprehensive and effective protective measures to mitigate the risk of serious accidents. Among the crucial components of this protection, the choice of work clothing is of paramount importance.

Conventional flame-retardant cotton or aramid fabrics prove insufficient when confronted with the potential harm caused by aluminum splashes, which can lead to fabric adherence and severe burns. The viscosity of molten aluminum, despite its relatively low melting point of 700°C, presents a unique challenge in finding a technical fabric capable of withstanding its hazardous spray, given that aluminum tends to readily adhere to fabrics, significantly increasing the risk of burns.

Managing molten aluminum, due to its low viscosity, necessitates the use of fabrics that possess the ability to repel splashed molten metal efficiently. WLTech has pioneered the development of specialized technical fabrics designed for smelting foundries, capable of not only preventing molten metal from adhering to clothing but also affording protection against flame damage, electric arcs, radiant heat, and chemical splashes.

For those seeking a lightweight option, the METAL STOPPER® molten metal splash series from the WLTech protection family stands out as an exceptional choice, offering robust protection against molten aluminum and ensuring no ignition, droplets, or perforations. It exhibits exceptional shielding performance against molten metal and swiftly sheds it upon contact, effectively preventing burn-through.

This line of protective clothing complies with multiple certifications, including ASTM F1959 and EN ISO 11612, ensuring effective resistance to hot molten aluminum (up to D3) and a wide array of hot molten metal liquids (up to E3).

For individuals seeking even higher levels of protection, the LIFE SAFE® HS aluminized heat insulation series from the WLTech protection family not only excels in safeguarding against molten metal liquid splashes but also provides effective defense against high-temperature hazards resulting from thermal radiation. Crafted from high-temperature-resistant materials that remain non-combustible and non-melting in the presence of flames, this line offers a safer working environment.

This specialized protective clothing adheres to stringent standards, including EN ISO 11612, covering radiant heat (up to C4), resistance to hot molten aluminum (up to D3), and resistance to hot molten iron (up to E3), in addition to being compliant with REACH and ROHS regulations.

It is imperative to underscore that while protective clothing is a vital component, it cannot entirely eliminate the risks inherent in working with molten metal in foundries. A comprehensive approach to safety, encompassing training, engineering controls, and administrative measures, is equally essential to ensure a secure working environment.


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