High-risk jobs in the oil and gas industry

Security challenges for the oil and gas industry

  •  Personnel safety

The oil and gas industry has many dangerous work sites, such as huge machinery, high temperature and high pressure working environment, which can easily lead to casualties. In addition, high-intensity work for a long time is easy to cause fatigue, which increases the risk of accidents.

  • Transportation safety

There are risks of leakage and explosion during the long distance transportation of oil and gas, especially in pipelines and ships. Pipeline rupture and ship collision accidents will not only cause huge economic losses, but also may cause serious harm to the surrounding environment and residents’ life safety.

  • Environmental risks

Oil and gas extraction and processing produce large amounts of wastewater, exhaust gas and solid waste, which, if not properly disposed of, can cause significant pollution to soil, water and air quality. In addition, accidents such as oil spills and natural gas explosions can also cause serious damage to the ecological environment.


How to reduce or even prevent oil workers from being harmed in high-risk environments?

Specially developed fabrics for the petrochemical industry

Designed for areas where there is a risk of an open flame or a crash in the work area, the intrinsically flame-retardant fabric can effectively reduce or prevent thermal damage to the body covering area and protect the safety of the operator.

Advantages of Flame stopper:

  • It is blended by aramid, Lanzing thermal protection fiber and conductive fiber, giving the fabric permanent flame retardant and anti-static properties.
  • Strong, excellent color fastness, resistance to industrial washing, repeated washing can still maintain good appearance and performance, can maximize the service life of protective clothing.
  • Lanzin thermal protection fiber makes the fabric has excellent moisture absorption and perspiration performance and skin affinity, and environmental protection, the fabric has obtained OEKO-TEX®CLASS II certification.


Click here for more information about the fabric:Introduction of FLAME STOPPER


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