WLTech is an enterprise that specializes in producing FR and high-temperature-resistant personal protective products. With over a decade of experience, the company is dedicated to researching, developing, producing, and selling high-performance products. WLTech holds import and export business qualifications, ISO quality certification, and 3A Credit certification. Its products are exported to various countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.


The company’s products cater to high-temperature smelting, electric power, petroleum and petrochemical, and other industrial fields. They provide safe, reliable, and comfortable protective products for workers in special industries who may be exposed to high-risk environments like high temperature, arc flash, flash fire, and explosion.

WLTech is an essential strategic partner of well-known manufacturers of special materials and protective equipment both locally and internationally. The company follows the spirit of “LEARNING, INNOVATION, PROFESSIONALISM,” continuously learning new technologies, and developing new products. The company has launched various product series, including arc flash, flash fire, metal splash, heat-insulating, knitted, rainwear, and others. These products have passed the relevant protection standard certifications of China, the European Union, and the United States. With a rich product system, WLTech provides customers with professional personal protection solutions based on the characteristics of different industries.

The company is dedicated to providing reliable protection products and strives to be the last line of defense for personal protection. WLTech adheres to the enterprise spirit of “innovative technology, excellent quality, and high-quality service.”