Disposable Face Mask


Comply with GB / T32610-2016 standard Contains melt-blown cloth materials above BFE95 Skin-friendly,comfortable,soft 3-layer material protective / adjustable nose clip / Comfortable ear-loop

  • Information

    DM-JKP 3-layer protective disposable mask is a daily protective product mainly used to block bacteria, droplets, dust, odor, etc. The overall design fits the contour of the face, and the nose bridge can be adjusted to fit the different faces completely; the ear-hanging elastic rope design is comfortable and convenient.

    The product complies with the national GB / T32610-2016 standard.

    The outer layer is made of SS grade water-repellent non-woven fabric that blocks the droplets, the middle layer is a melt-blown cloth of BFE95 grade or more, and the particulates such as bacteria are effectively filtered through the electrostatic electret. The rate is over 95%.

    -High efficiency filtration with electret melt blown cloth
    -SSS skin friendly inner layer, comfortable and anti allergy
    -Water repellent non-woven outer layer to block droplets

  • Product Features


    Name:???????Disposable Face Mask(Non-medical)


    Size:???????17.5cm x 9.5cm

    Ingredient:?67%Non-woven fabrics,33%Electret meltblown cloth

    Standard:??GB/T 32610-2016


    Shelf?life:???2 years

    Storage:???Please store it in a clean, sanitary, ventilated and dry

    ????????????place, and do not store toxic and odorous substances.

    Attention:??This product is disposable and cannot be washed.

    ????????????Do not reuse it. Do not play for infants.